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Who are we?

ZASLON TELECOM d.o.o. is strictly software development oriented company, and is not only following new technological advances, but is priding itself of being a front runner. ZASLON TELECOM d.o.o. is Microsoft certified partner and has two main divisions: CTI technologies and IT software development. Company has been growing each year in the number of employees, income and revenues, as well as gained market share. Our mission is to continue our growth as a leader of new product development, with high regard to state of the art technologies.

Detailed portfolio of Products and Services

The »drive« behind the products' portfolio is to offer to comprehensive set of IT solutions which will help our clients do business quicker, better, and more profitable.


  • Document management solutions;
  • videoanalytics;
  • CTI solutions for call centers on standard PBX phone solutions, as well as VoIP platforms;
  • touch screen SW solutions;
  • mobile application development

We treat clients as part of our family

We pride ourself in excellent customer support and prefere to consider sales as beginnig of the long term business relationship, rather than the end. All the software solutions are result of the in-house programming, and as such we are always able to costumize solutions according to our clients' needs.

Currently, ZASLON TELECOM has 12 full time employees and yearly revenues in the neighbourhood of 1 million Euros.